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Sexual Harassment jokes

Requested in Relationships & Family by a contributor
edited by MC Hacker

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A secretary told her boss "the other women in the office are suing you for sexual harassment. Since you haven't sexually harassed me I'm suing you for discrimination!"
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If a man talking dirty to a woman is sexual harassment what is a woman talking dirty to a man called?
$2.99 a minute!
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Patty: I was sexually harassed at work and want to file a lawsuit.
Lawyer: Where do you work?
Patty: At home. I'm self-employed.
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A sign was placed at the entrance of a large machinery plant. It said "Warning to young ladies: If you wear loose clothes beware of the machinery. If you wear tight clothes beware of the machinist."
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Definition of a catch-22...
If you mention how nice she looks it's sexual harassment.
If you keep quiet it's male indifference.
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Angela: I want to file for harassment against Larry.
John: Why? What did he do?
Angela: He keeps saying my hair smells nice.
John: Well Angela, that isn't really harassment.
Angela: Larry's a midget...
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Whats the difference between rape and trying a new food, nothing its ok if you like it.
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